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Curriculum Development

Well-designed educational programs combine what we know about adult learning with engaging platforms and teaching techniques. I use my 20+ years of educational training experience to help you make your programs more effective.

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Meeting Planning & Facilitation

Meetings have the potential to achieve great things, but only if they are well-designed and keep participants meaningfully engaged. Let’s create an agenda that truly achieves your goals.

Professional Workshops

Your team deserves time to develop their professional skills and reflect on their journey. Whether you want to improve how you plan and host meetings or take some time to mindfully process your work, I’d love to work with your team!

My Facilitation Philsophy

"Assertive Facilitation is a confident approach to leading group interactions that uses direct and inclusive language to foster productive relationships and accomplish group goals."

Recent Articles

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3 Adult Learning Theories Every Trainer should Know

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Do you use adult learning theory when you plan out a workshop, class, or training session? Chances are, if you’ve learned about adult learning theories in the past they influence your program design but you might not explicitly think about them. If you don’t have a background in learning theory, you might use common sense…

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woman leading a meeting

Assertive Facilitation: The Sweet Spot in Leading Groups

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I have learned a lot about effective facilitation through trainings and readings and just plan experience. But there is a dimension of my facilitation style which was never explicitly named in the trainings or educational opportunities in which I have participated. This dimension is more about how I bring myself to the room and to the…

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kids having fun at a birthday party

Plan your Meetings like you Plan a Birthday Party

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I’m a professional planner, facilitator, and educator. I plan and host meetings all of the time. So when my son was turning eleven during the pandemic, it was natural that I would help him plan his online birthday party. “But a Birthday Party is not a meeting,” you might say. On the one hand you…

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