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group of people working together around a table

Effective Meeting Planning focuses on Learning

As a consultant focused on training and development, I get invited to help with two major types of initiatives – courses and meetings. Most of my clients, and I’d argue most leaders, see these two things as separate and different things. Courses or training initiatives are designed to help your employees advance their skills, or …

woman standing outside in a blanket enjoying nature

Plan your own DIY Retreat

This weekend, my husband and kids are going camping. I could go, but I made the hard (Mom guilt) and exciting (women’s empowerment) decision to let them go on their own so that I could get some much-needed self-care time. I’m going to plan my own DIY retreat. I’m not going to a fancy spa, …

woman on a computer taking a self-guided course

Designing a Better Self-Guided Course

Self-guided courses offer promising outcomes for learners and organizations. But desgining an effective self-guided course can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. What should be included in a self-guided course? What makes self-guided courses more effective for learners? How do you ensure that learners will actually complete the course? How do you …