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retreat attendees gathering on the lawn

A Recipe for Successful Retreats

Designing and planning a retreat is much like cooking a good meal. The recipe matters, but so do the natural instincts of the chef, the folks who contribute to the food, the way in which you add the ingredients, and the setting where it is cooked up and served. When I’m designing a retreat, I …

group sitting around a table meeting

The 4 P’s of Effective Meeting Planning

What does it look like for you when a meeting is unsuccessful? For me, unsuccessful meeting are the ones that seem to lack purpose, direction, and productivity.  They’re the ones in which you get distracted because they don’t seem important enough to be happening, or the ones that seem incredibly important but aren’t run in …

woman leading a meeting

Assertive Facilitation: The Sweet Spot in Leading Groups

I have learned a lot about effective facilitation through trainings and readings and just plan experience. But there is a dimension of my facilitation style which was never explicitly named in the trainings or educational opportunities in which I have participated. This dimension is more about how I bring myself to the room and to the …