Whether you are a business trying to develop an effective training for your staff or a higher education institution seeking to develop a new degree program, appropriate educational design will help you achieve your goals.

I use my deep knowledge of adult learning theory to design educational interventions that are engaging for participants and effective in conveying meaningful material. I also use my project management and planning skills to keep your program planning and implementation on track. I simply love creating spaces where adult learners can thrive, and I’d love to do that work with you.

I can help you with:

  • Identifying learning needs through assessment and observation;
  • Crafting higher education courses or multi-course curriculum;
  • Integrating experiential projects into academic courses;
  • Creating professional development courses or sequences for adults;
  • Designing effective online courses, trainings, and workshops;
  • Designing educational exercises and assignments that are engaging and achieve learning goals;
  • Evaluating learning interventions to inform future offerings.

Pre-Packaged Services

In addition to partnering with you on a long-term project, I can also offer the following pre-packaged services:

Course review graphic with a woman working on a course outline in a notebook

COURSE REVIEW ($95) : My One-Time Course Review service offers you the opportunity to get feedback on a course outline or syllabus from an expert in curriculum development. I will review your document and offer feedback on learning outcomes, lesson plans, content, flow, and assignments. I can usually turn this around in 3-days or less, and additional support is available if you’d like me to help create a syllabus or assignments with you. To purchase this package, please email me or use the contact form below.

Image of a computer and a bunch of paperwork on a table with the online course graphic

Online Course Creation (Starting at $450): You have a course that you want to teach online, but you need someone to translate your materials into an online Learning Management System. I have experience in Blackboard, Moodle, Canva, and Teachable (and can learn others quickly) and can help you to turn your in-person course into effective online delivery. This package includes up to 5 units, with 5 sub-lessons in each unit, plus the creation of engaging graphics for each lesson. Along the way, I’ll offer you feedback on your educational design so that you can improve outcomes. To discuss this package, please email me or use the contact form below.

Client Testimonials

I contracted Carrie to review an upper-level, undergraduate biology course.  Carrie listened to and genuinely understood my concerns and needs.  She provided perspective of my course with lenses from both an instructor and student.  She helped me redesign my assignments to more deliberately meet my course objectives and integrate concepts, with the goal of improving student engagement.  She provided innovative ideas for both assignment structure, facilitation, and assessment.  Thanks to Carrie, I have renewed excitement for offering my course.  I will absolutely be using her expertise for more of my courses! I highly recommend her course review services.

Kerri Cornell Duerr
Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science, Westminster College

Carrie joined Common Good Vermont as a consultant and facilitator with CGVT’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program in the Fall of 2020, during the pandemic. Her educational expertise and experience in facilitation were essential as CGVT navigated a time of transition. Carrie provided short-term programmatic support, helping us to migrate our professional development programs to an online format, and long-term strategic planning support as we envisioned the future of our programs. She was a helpful resource to faculty and students who came to rely on her as they participated in our programs. I highly recommend Carrie and her work serving nonprofits and educational institutions!

Morgan Webster, Director
Common Good Vermont

Sample Curriculum Development Projects

Common Good Vermont:

When the 2020 Pandemic made in-person learning impossible, Common Good Vermont needed to translate their in-person Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program into an online format. They hired me to create and manage the online platform for their course (using Teachable) and to co-facilitate weekly sessions of this professional development program using Zoom conference features. I am continuing to work with Common Good Vermont on their Fundraising & Development Program in Spring 2021.

College of Saint Joseph

The College of Saint Joseph created a multi-tiered recruitment and retention program to attract underrepresented students to their campus. As a consultant, I was hired (through my previous organization) to help a team of faculty design the first-year course in which all students in the program would enroll. I facilitated multiple faculty team meetings, documented plans and visions, helped shape the syllabus, and supported evaluation efforts over a two-year period through a grant funded by the Davis Educational Foundation.

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