mindfulness at work program

Do you want your team to...

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Are all of these things important for workplace performance and happiness?

What if a small professional development investment could help your employees to reach these goals?

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Guess what? It could.

A six-week mindfulness at work course can empower your employees by teaching them strategies that have been proven to:
reduce stress, improve interpersonal relationships, and help employees feel more satisfied at work.

Ready to get Started??

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Contact me to bring this 6-week Mindfulness course to your workplace

Employees will learn how deep breathing and simple meditation can help them better handle
things like work overload, pressure, tension, and challenging relationships. They’ll practice what they learn
between sessions and reflect on how it is changing their mindset. 

So that they can enjoy work more, feel more balanced, and perform better.

major program components

How it Works:

1. Recruit at least 6 (up to 15) team members to participate (participants should commit to full program). 

2. Schedule a weekly online session for your group (LIVE!).

3. Participants will receive a downloadable workbook + access to online guided meditations.

4. Add one-on-one coaching for employees to your package if desired. 

*Non-profit and educational organizations receive a 25% discount.

Important: this course is an introductory-level mindfulness course, using meditations that are no longer than 5-10 minutes in length. It is not a full Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course. If you are experiencing stress that is impacting your mental or phsyical health, please consult a physician or mental health professional. This course is not a substitute for professional medical treatment.