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Are you interested in growing and developing in community with other women? Do you like reading inspiring and thought-provoking books? Do you identify as a woman/womyn and want to talk with others who share your experiences?

Consider joining “Real Talk” – a virtual book group for women’s empowerment. I host this book group on Facebook, with ocassional virtual meet ups.

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About our Book Group

“Real Talk: Women’s Empowerment Book Group” is an online virtual book group for women who want to grow personally and professionally by engaging with written ideas in books we’ll read together and discuss online. We choose 3 to 4 books a year, and members are welcome to participate only in the readings they choose. Discussion questions will be posted online, and ocassionally we’ll also host a zoom discussion group or two. We prioritize kindness and support, and linking our reading to our real life experiences, struggles, and joys.

Why “Real Talk?” Why a Women’s Book Group?

The name “Real Talk” comes from a book called Women’s Ways of Knowing first published in 1986. One of the first books to talk about how women develop their own perspectives and power, Women’s Ways’ of Knowing articulated how women develop them selves, their voices, and their minds.

“Real Talk” is all about “the capacity for speaking with and listening to others while simultaneously speaking with and listening to the self” (p. 145) – it is about honoring women’s personal experiences and voice while also encouraging them to listen to and value other’s ideas so that conversation can be constructive in nature – building ideas as we talk.

This book group is about honoring the real-life experience of the women who belong to it, while engaging with ideas that will help us to grow, learn, and develop into our full potential. This is often more possible when you are discussing challenges and opportunities with those who share similar experiences. The women in our group will be diverse, but they all have the common experience of living life thorugh the lens of a woman-identified individual.

I was lucky enough to study with Jill Tarule, one of the authors of Women’s Ways of Knowing, as my PhD advisor. Jill was an inspiring motivator who blended challenge and support in a way that helped me grow academically and in my confidence as a leader. I want to provide a setting in which others can experience similar support.

Who can Join?

This is a women’s book group because I want to support women who have amazing potential to grow but need support taking brave steps in their path. We welcome all who identify as women/womyn or who are non-binary and feel a shared experience. Because we will be reading books that center on the lived experiences of women, we ask that those who join our group are able to relate to these texts from their own lived experience, however they identify.

Real Talk Reading List

October – November 2021: Fierce Self-Compassion: How Women can Harness Kindness to Speak Up, Claim their Power, and Thrive by Kristin Neff, PhD.


Want to learn more about this book club? Not sure if its right for you? Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions. If you feel like you would benefit more from a one-on-one conversation or partnership, please read more about my coaching services.