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In addition to tailored consulting services, I also offer a number of pre-existing workshops for individuals, employees, or groups.

You can contract me to offer these workshops for your organization, or if you’d like to enroll as an individual please reach out to see when I might be offering one of these sessions! Of course, workshops can be tailored and adjusted to fit your audience.

I can also approach any of these topics as a one-on-one coaching session or series of sessions with individuals.

  • Meetings People Actually Like (single session)
    • “Meeting” has become a dreaded word for many professionals. But I truly believe that meetings can be transformative if planned and facilitated effectively. This 90-minute session walks participants through some of the foundational tenets of what makes meetings succeed or fail, and strategies for planning effective meetings. Participants are given the opportunity to workshop a meeting of their choosing to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Engaged Online Meetings (single session; offered online)
    • Online meetings have become a huge part of our professional (and personal) lives. But we all know that some are very difficult to sit through. Participants in this workshop will apply the foundational tenets of good meeting planning to an online setting, then learn ways to adapt those practices to an online environment. Useful tools and technological solutions are explored.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness (single session)
    • Curious about mindfulness and whether you can do it? Mindfulness is not about sitting silent for hours upon end; it is about living with intention in the here and now. Anyone can practice it! This 90-minute session introduces participants to the basic tenets of mindfulness and how it can be applied to your everyday life. Includes short meditation exercises and discussion.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness (4-part series)
    • Want to dive deeper into mindfulness and consider how to integrate it into your life? This 4-part workshop series introduces participants to mindfulness then helps them practice applying those skills. Includes introductory and intermediate meditation exercises with an emphasis on applying mindfulness principles to real-life challenges and daily living.
  • Stress in the Workplace: Taking it in Stride (single session)
    • Are you spinning your wheels at work, constantly dealing with stress in unproductive ways? This 90-minue workshop applies mindfulness theory and practice to the challenge of a stressful workplace, helping participants to identify how they are handling stress and how they might handle it differently in the future.

Client Testimonial

Carrie and I have worked together on a regular basis since 2008. Carrie never ceases to amaze me in regard to her top notch presentations to my UConn community. She is a state-of-the-art presenter, facilitator, and researcher; my faculty fellows consistently walk away from her presentations feeling like it was time well spent and with concrete plans to move forward in their work. Carrie provides quality, usable tools and meeting (even exceeding) your goals.

Julia Mastronardi Yakovich, Director of Service-Learning, University of Connecticut

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