Crafting learning experiences that work.

I am an adult learning expert applying what I know about learning to the content you need to deliver. I can help you create or improve everything from courses and programs to effective retreats and planning meetings, both in-person and online. Because the truth is, anytime you gather people together with a goal in mind, taking a learning-focused approach is key to success.

In addition to offering in-person services in Vermont, New England, and beyond, I also work with clients online and have extensive experience designing online courses and programs. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you craft an experience that actually meets your learning and development goals, I’m here to help. 

PLEASE NOTE: As of October, 2022 I am pausing on accepting new clients. You may still reach out to me with questions, but I will be unable to accept new jobs at this time as I have accepted a full-time position in training and development. 

Curriculum Development

Well-designed educational programs combine what we know about adult learning with engaging platforms and teaching techniques. I use my 20+ years of educational training experience to help you make your educational programs more effective. I’d love to help you design a course, implement a training program, or plan out a multi-year educational initiative.

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Meeting Planning & Facilitation

Meetings have the potential to achieve great things, but only if they are well-designed and keep participants meaningfully engaged. Let’s create an agenda that truly achieves your goals. I work with groups to identify goals, plan meeting agendas, integrate meaningful activities, and ensure outcomes for powerful meetings. Every meeting becomes a collaborative learning experience. I also serve as a meeting facilitator for groups of all shapes and sizes, helping you to effectively engage your group and keep the agenda we’ve created on track.


As a certified coach, focused on leadership and professional growth, I work with individuals who want to explore and expand their potential. I also work with folks who want to create courses, programs, and learning experiences and would benefit from a coach to walk them through that process. I incorporate mindfulness into all of my coaching work, with an emphasis on purpose, meaning, and simplicity.

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Who am I?

I'm a learning nerd. That's right, I am obsessed with creating awesome learning experiences that actually work. And I think learning happens every time you gather people together.

But beyond that, here's what makes me qualified for this work:

- PhD in Educational Leadership with Focus on Adult Learning
- Training and Experience in Online & Hybrid Learning
- Mindfulness Facilitator Training
- Facilitative Leadership Training
- Certified Professional Coach

My past roles have included:
- Nonprofit Executive Director
- Higher Education Faculty Development Director
- College-Level Instructor
- Collective Impact Facilitator
- Trainer, Meeting Planner, & Consultant

Current & Former Clients

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