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I am a Vermont-Based meeting facilitator, curriculum consultant, trainer and coach. I work with nonprofits, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. In addition to offering in-person services in Vermont, New England, and beyond, I also work with clients online and have experience designing online programs. I would love to work with you to help you or your organization reach your full potential!

Curriculum Development

Well-designed educational programs combine what we know about adult learning with engaging platforms and teaching techniques. I use my 20+ years of educational training experience to help you make your educational programs more effective. I’d love to help you design a course, implement a training program, or plan out a multi-year educational initiative.

Carrie working with client on course development
group sitting around a table meeting

Meeting Planning & Facilitation

Meetings have the potential to achieve great things, but only if they are well-designed and keep participants meaningfully engaged. Let’s create an agenda that truly achieves your goals. I work with groups to identify goals, plan meeting agendas, integrate meaningful activities, and ensure outcomes for powerful meetings.  I also serve as a meeting facilitator for groups of all shapes and sizes.

Professional Workshops

Your team deserves time to develop their professional skills and reflect on their journey. Whether you want to improve how you plan and host meetings or take some time to mindfully process your work, I’d love to work with your group! I have a menu of professional workshops I can offer and can also work with you to design something unique.

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My Facilitation Philsophy

"Assertive Facilitation is a confident approach to leading group interactions that uses direct and inclusive language to foster productive relationships and accomplish group goals."

Recent Articles

bored attendees at a meeting falling asleep

Let’s Stop Having Pointless Meetings

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When I ask friends and colleagues what bugs them about meetings they attend, the most common answer I get is pointless meetings – or “meeting just for the sake of meeting.” They don’t understand why they have to attend meetings at which there is no clear agenda or goal. Frankly, I don’t blame them. One…

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time management for meetings

Managing Time at Meetings: Why it Matters & How to do it

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I’m going to start this article on managing time at meetings with a strong statement: wasting other people’s time is disrespectful, and we do it all the time at meetings. In fact, I would argue that feeling your time was wasted is one of the biggest reasons that people hate meetings; they could have been…

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group of colleagues meeting together

Hosting a Post-Pandemic Re-Entry Retreat

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If the pandemic forced your staff to work remotely, the adjustment back to working together (when it is safe to do so) may feel strange. Folks have fallen into new habits, schedules have changed, and our ways of communicating have adjusted. Some of those changes are for the better, and a hybrid workplace may be…

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