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Coaching for Mission-Driven Individuals & Organizations

You want to have a positive impact on the world; how I can I help you reach that potential?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

As an experienced nonprofit leader with an advanced degree in adult development, I use my educational expertise as well as my coaching training to guide my clients toward success. I start by listening deeply to what you hope to achieve, or where you are struggling, then I help you to strategically move toward progress or resolution. I can be your thought partner, your sounding board, your critical questioner, and someone who holds you accountable to your goals.

I particularly focus on working with “mission driven” indviduals and organizations – folks in the nonprofit, educational, or entrepreneurship fields who want to make a positive difference in the world around them. Because I have worked in these fields, and because I am a strategic idea person at heart, I love working with others who have socially or environmentally-driven aspirations that they want to bring to life.

Lastly, I have a longtime commitment to empowering other women and LOVE to work with women who want to be leaders and entrepreneurs, or who just want to live their best lives.

Whatever your goal, how can we strategically move you toward it?

How can I help as a Coach?

Each coaching relationship is based on what is most useful to you as a client; a coaching relationship can include personal or organizational conversations, or both.

Personal Professional Coaching:

  • Exploring your strengths and passions and honing in on what matters to you;
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for professional growth;
  • Un-blocking the mental barriers that stand in the way of your success;
  • Improving your skills as a supervisor or board manager;
  • Working through a creative idea to turn it into an entrepreneurial pursuit.

Organizational Coaching may be combined with Consulting and could include:

  • Performing an organizational assessment to identify strengths and opportunities (consulting);
  • Diagnosing and addressing organizational challenges (consulting);
  • Exploring leadership or professional challenges that are impacting your organization (consulting) and identifying opportunities to support individuals within the organization to improve success (coaching);
  • Focusing on leadership strengths and skills and how you can apply them in your organization (coaching);
  • Re-structuring your organization to better achieve it’s goals (consulting);
  • Developing a new program or educational initiative (coaching and consulting);
  • and much, much more based on your particular needs!

What does Coaching look like?

Each coaching relationship is tailored to the individual or organization, but in general we’ll:

  • meet on a regular basis (virtually or in-person);
  • ask questions that help you to dig into your ideas, challenges, and areas for exploration;
  • explore resources that might help you learn more about yourself or your particular situation;
  • do structured reflective activities to help process your thoughts;
  • set concrete goals for our work together that align with your interests and needs;
  • and identify projects or products that you want to complete with my input.

There will be homework! And there will be products that result from our work together that are unique to your needs and interests. Our first coaching session will be an opportunity to identify some the outcomes that will best suit your needs, and projects or products that will be a part of the process.

My Coaching Qualifications

My ability and desire to serve in a coaching relationship comes from three key sources:

  • My PhD in Educational Leadership focused on both leadership skills and adult development. I have a keen understanding of how learning and development are part of the lifelong journey, and do not end once you graduate college or begin working. I have been designing learning experiences for groups (classes, training programs, professional development workshops) for over 20 years; working with individuals who want to learn and grow is an expansion of that work. In addition, I have a strong background in leadership strategies, styles, and approaches that I can share with clients through reflective conversations.
  • My 20+ years of Nonprofit & Educational Professional Leadership have included countless supervisory and mentoring relationships, including while serving as an Executive Director. I have always treated my supervisory roles with thoughtful attention to the development of my staff and team. Whether we were planning staff retreats, setting and pursuing professional development goals, or addressing workplace challenges I have been a coach in practice, if not in name, to those who have worked with me throughout my career.
  • My Formal Coach Training is coming from participation in a self-paced coaching development program with the Academy of Creative Coaching. This program aims: “to train coaches to specialize in creative change, equipping them with the ability to develop and implement innovative strategies that bring about transformative change personally, professionally, and in the social landscape of our global community.” With particular attention to equity and diversity, as well as strengths-based leaderhsip coaching, this program offers excellent resources and feedback for coaches as I continue to develop new skills to serve my clients.

Coaching Testimonials

Carrie was an important mentor to me in my work as a Program Coordinator. She asks pointed questions, offers practical solutions, and prioritizes personal strengths when developing goals. I appreciate the way that Carrie incorporates mindfulness into her coaching while also providing the structure to make concrete progress towards well-defined goals. She helped me to take a data-based approach in my work which enabled me to further define and achieve success in my role.

Nicole Stefanowicz
Former Program Director, Vermont Higher Education Council

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