Carrie working with client on course development

Sometimes you need a sounding board to help you develop as a leader, make progress on a project, or move your organization to the next level.

After 20 years of leadership in nonprofit and educational settings, my passion and strengths lie in helping mission-driven individuals and organizations succeed. I also have a special place in my heart for entrepreneurs who want to bring creative ideas to the world (I’ve started a few businesses myself).

Whatever your goal, how can we strategically move you or your organization toward it?

What can I help with as a Coach?

Each coaching relationship is based on what is most useful to you as a client; a coaching relationship include personal or organizational conversations, or both.

Personal Professional Coaching:

  • Exploring your strengths and passions and honing in on what matters to you;
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities for professional growth;
  • Un-blocking the mental barriers that stand in the way of your success;
  • Improving your skills as a supervisor or board manager;
  • Working through a creative idea to turn it into an entrepreneurial pursuit.

Organizational Coaching:

  • Performing an organizational assessment to identify strengths and opportunities;
  • Diagnosing and addressing organizational challenges;
  • Re-structuring your organization to better achieve it’s goals;
  • Developing a new program or educational initiative;
  • and much, much more based on your particular needs!

What does Coaching look like?

Each coaching relationship is tailored to the individual or organization, but in general we’ll:

  • meet on a regular basis (virtually or in-person);
  • set concrete goals for our work together that align with your interests and needs;
  • explore resources that might help you learn more about yourself or your particular situation;
  • do structured reflective activities to help process your thoughts;
  • and identify projects or products that you want to complete with my input.

There will be homework! And there will be products that result from our work together that are unique to your needs and interests. Our first coaching session will be an opportunity to identify some the outcomes that will best suit your needs, and projects or products that will be a part of the process.

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